Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mediacorp Travel Fiesta

Another travel fair happening in Singapore, this time, organized by Mediacorp, albeit on a much smaller scale as compared to the giant Natas Fair held last month.

Mediacorp Travel Fiesta will be held in Suntec City tomorrow till Sunday and as usual, the travel fair is expected to draw in thousands of Singaporeans looking for cheap, quality and affordable bargains to the various travel destinations in the world!

The huge success witnessed at the most recent Natas Travel Fair could be due to pent-up demand of Singaporeans for travel especially when their travel plans were hit or have to be sheleved due to the H1N1 mini-epidemic in Apr or May this year.

Singaporeans are both food and travel lovers. I believe the reason that Singpaoreans are food lovers is due to the abundance of different varities of food here, while the fact that Singaporeans are travel fans is due to the scarity of land and sights of Singapore here. Thus two different reasons leading to Singaporeans being famed for food and travel fanatics.

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