Monday, September 07, 2009

I realise cannot live without Internet!

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Tonight was an unlucky night!

I downloaded a free verison of a free anti-virus software called AVC from the internet to help me get rid of some suspected viruses in my computer and then it was when all hell broke loose! (oh, talking about the Chinese Lunar seventh month here!)

My internet connections slowed to nothingness, every browser window become blank and pending and pending. Initially I did not suspect that it was really the incompatibility of AVC on my computer that I tried all means and ways to rescue my computer.

I am sorry that during my salvaging of my internet and computer, all hell broke loose from my mouth, some vulgarities spewed forth from my mouth like water from a fountain and I wondered why I became like that? I am known to everyone who knows me outside as a good boy but why did I become so mad about the hanging of my computer and the internet?

It dawned to me that I have become, like many of the netizens, an addict of the internet and I became an addict of instant gratification. When the web browser slowed to nothing, I became easily frustrated and wondered where in the world is the virtue of patience that I have learnt?

I became adamant to rescuing my internet and my computer that I saved up all the hard disks and planned to reboot. It was then that I realised I did not have a huge portable hard disk to boot up all the data, thus I reconsider backing up as there was no means to back up all my huge data till I get a good portable hard disk.

I tried all means and ways and finally decided to remove that free anti virus software from my computer. My god, once that free program (which was supposed to be my saviour was removed), all the internet browsers started showing up and I was SO ELATED!

From this episode, I realised that I cannot live without the internet after work everyday as I need the internet to do lots of things: check email, do my daily blogging, do this and that and hence now is already past 12 am, I am still blogging and doing the rest of the things that I have not done due to the "internet crisis" that has just befallen on me.

The internet has become so POWERFUL! It is true that not only I will be frustrated and infuriated at the slightest sign of slowing of the internet browser. THE OMNIPOTENT INTERNET HAS BECOME PART OF OUR LIFE!


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