Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eat with your family & a (disgusting) reason why you should eat homemade food

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As I was walking towards the MRT station this morning, I saw a disturbing scene, which prompted me to write the blog post for today, which is titled as such.

Before I let the cat out of the bag by telling you what this disgusting reason is, let us recall the more common, saner, more ‘aesthetic’ and more normal reasons of why you should make it a point to go home and partake home-made food.

Firstly, as what the government has been encouraging us to do so via its ‘Eat with your Family Day’, eating homemade food will only bring the family closer together as it may be the only time when the whole family sits together as one and interact among themselves over a wide range of topics and issues from mundane musings to thought-heavy matters.

Secondly, eating homemade meals at home is a blessing! The meals prepared by your mum, yourself or your spouse (or a combination of any one of them) are peppered with the tender loving care symbiotic of mothers or the dedication and love of the meal preparers.

Thirdly, homemade meals are definitely healthier as they are not laden with the loads and loads of sugar, salt and MSG so characteristic of the outside meals. Food preparers who spoilt our health with their spoonfuls of MSG and salt should be punished by eating a bottle of MSG or salt of the same capacity!

Fourthly, homemade meals are definitely more economical than meals outside. A bag of noodles bought from the NTUC is more than enough to fry few plates of “Char Kway Teow” compared to a plate of the same dish priced easily at $3 outside!

Now, let me come to the fifth and the most disgusting reason why you should also eat homemade meals. Have you eaten your meals already? If no, please close this blog and visit it again after your meal. If yes, are you ready????????? Okay good, lets proceed!

As I was walking past a food shop, I saw the leftovers of the foods in the plates and bowls on a table! Well at this juncture, you may say whether the disgusting leftovers are justifiable to eat homemade food? Well partly, but I have not finished: these leftovers are ferociously foraged, attacked and eaten by dozens of birds! If you are not a Singaporean, so sorry the birds are not what one would see in captivity in Jurong Bird Park, these are birds such as mynahs and sparrows, though I can see an eagle aiming for that 10% chicken drumstick in the sky (just joking!)

THE SIGHT IS SO DISGUSTING! And this scene is not uncommon to me as many times I have seen before in our hawker centres, people ordering some dishes, leaving them to the table, unguarded to get an accompanying drink. While they were away, their meals were attacked by one or two crows, sparrows or mynahs which after grabbing a morseful of food flew rapidly away! The poor customer came back to the meal, thinking everything was still “Singapore Okay”! At these times, I would tell the customer of the “bird food thieves”!

Plates should be washed rigorously after every meal! Definitely, we do not want to inherit the DNA of our local birds!

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