Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paramount Shopping Centre Bar Girls

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Yesterday, when I was passing through Paramount Shopping Centre, a centre popular for its slew of pubs and bars, I got more than what I have expected: there were too many scantily dresssed girls of the bars and pubs walking around the shopping centre, some coming out from the toilets and others entering into the centre from other entrance points.

The women I saw were really revealing too much of their flesh and cleavage. One hostess I saw, has her upper body held just by a pair of bikinis and her abundant cleavage was overflowing and seemed threaten to burst the straps of her tight biknis. There were also many other hostess outside the pubs or just wandering around, dressed in very tight, very skimpy hot and short dress or tight bottoms.

I have read before that there were some fights before in this shopping centre famed for its pub and nightlife, it seems that things are still very hot or even hotter in this shopping centre!

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