Monday, August 17, 2009


ASTONS Specialties, located at 119 East Coast Road, directly opposite Katong Mall is one of the dozen ASTONS stalls in Singapore. The restaurant is famous for its steak and other beef offerings, though it is equally well-known for other Western fare. There seems to be a perennial queue outside the restaurant everyday as the restaurant with its delicious fare at very reasonable prices (no service charge) is a hit with many Singaporeans.

My Dear and I visited ASTONS Specialties at East Coast yesterday and we ordered a set of New York Strip (Beef) at just $14.70 and a set of chicken chop at $7.20; each set accompanied with two side dishes which you can choose. Though the frontier of the stall is small, it belies the average-sized restaurant setting inside.

The waiting time was slightly longer than the norm, however when the set of New York Strip came, my Dear and I were simply awed as we became enveloped in the wafting aroma of the steaming and juicy beef served hot and fresh! We simply could not resist the temptation or called it a seduction in front of us and soon, our forks went, right into the heart of the targets!

We almost melted as we chewed on the tender, soft and succulent meat. The juices which oozed out generously from the chewing of the tender meat, served medium-cooked was just right!

The taste and smell of the beef was really heavenly and non-describable! You have to taste the beef itself to know the heavenly taste! My stomach went hungry again as I recollected the gastronomical experiences!

On the other hand, the set of chicken chop was as great, though it was not as impressive as the beef offerings in ASTONS.

Beef is to ASTONS as Laksa is to Katong, thus you must eat beef when you come ASTONS if you can!

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