Monday, February 02, 2009

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer has just been recently reopened to the public on Chinese New Year day after it was forced to shut down due to a major technical glitch, which left passengers stranded in mid air for close to 7 hours in December.

Last Friday, my Dear and I visited the reopened Singapore Flyer, our first visit to the flyer individually. Initially I have almost shelved the idea of visiting the flyer as it was raining cats and dogs in the evening, however the rain proved to be a blessing as the evening sky was cleared by the rain such that the entire surroundings became fresh and clear.

My Dear and I boarded a flyer capsule at around 720 pm together with another couple. That is it, 4 persons in a flyer capsule that is supposed to carry 28 persons! That was the reason why I have chosen a weekday night for the visit: we get to have fewer numbers of passengers, which translates inevidently to fewer passengers per capsule, but little did we realize we could have this capsule together with just another couple, how lucky we were! There was a family of four, including two young kids just before us in queue having the whole capsule by themselves too, how equally lucky they are!

I believe night is a better time to be in the flyer capsule as the scenery from the capsule, land and sea will be even more brilliant owning to the confluence of lights and night, not to mention that night is cooler too.

Last Friday where my Dear and I were above the ground in the capsule, we were treated to an astonishing skyline of the Singapore cityscape, made even brilliant by the colours of the River Hongbao carnival in Marina and the Chingay parade at City Hall which would commence in just an hour time. Thus I would go so far to say that the scenery my Dear and I partook of, during the flyer ride was one of the Best ever that could be afforded by the flyer ride!

While it would be perfect to just have my Dear and I in the flyer capsule ourselves, on hindsight, it was also great to have another couple with us in the capsule as they could help us to take pictures of my Dear and I together! and which they willingly obliged upon our request. We reciprocated their goodwill by helping them to take their pictures!

There were four benches in the capsule which were far underutilized by the four of us in the capsule. There was so much standing room around and the couple and us took turns to navigate the four corners of the capsule, shooting dozens of photos and videos of the panoramic, breathtaking, brilliantly stunning, cityscape of the Central Business District, the Marina Bay area, the sea and the Integrated Resorts area (currently undergoing construction) all alighted in an amazing array of lights, flashlight, moonlights, traffic lights and just light!

My Dear and I were lucky to enjoy the ride with just another couple else we were not be afforded the different views from the different nooks of the capsule if the capsule were to be packed with more people.

Now about the flyer ride: the capsule ascended slowly but with every ascent, unnoticeably we were raised above the ground in leaps. Thus it was just a fraction of time that we found ourselves at the top of the Singapore flyer wheel! The sight at the top was the most impressive! Words could not describe what my Dear and I have seen from the capsule! Thus I could only capture video and photo images for all readers to see.

All along our flyer ride, the radio inside the cabin was playing Chinese New Year song in mandarin as it was the fifth day of the Chinese Lunar Year. My Dear and I enjoyed our first flyer ride, set on the back of Chingay Parade and Chinese New Year extraordinarily fun, thus it was with much regret that we bade the capsule bye after what seemed to be only twenty minutes of ride.

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eastcoastlife said...

I went on the Flyer before the accident. It was an enjoyable ride as we were a group of friends.

I love the night scenery seen from Flyer.

What a way to spend CNY. :)

Any plans for Valentine Day? I'm not asking you for a date. lol.... Start planning for your darling. :D

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