Monday, January 12, 2009


Another day has just passed....

I believe the most important things to manage in life is time, health and people.

I was irritated just an hour ago, waiting for the bus which did not seem to come any sooner.

It was a real waste of time, waiting for bus or other public transport.

In general, the time spent on waiting, be it for bus, MRT, people, in the traffic just adds up to become days!

We spend a large portion of our time waiting. To illustrate, take an average of 30 min per day spent on waiting, that would be equivalent to 183 hrs: slightly more than 9 days of waiting for a calender year.

Say we spend 60 years waiting for 30 min per day, that would amount to 540 days, 1.5 years of our lives waiting!

Isn't that a sheer waste of our life .... waiting? and this waiting is not waiting for success or for other noble goals, else it will be worth the wait. This waiting I mentioned here is waiting in a super time consuming manner!


Anonymous said...


This article reminds me of another situation. In NL, a poll underscore the need for speedy service at the cashiers bec customers dread having to stand in long queues. Sounds reasonable right ? Well, we hv immigrants from Russia n they reminded us that at least we were just waiting to pay for our groceries instead of waiting all day long like in Russia where u never know if u will get the necessities in life to survive another day. That did humble alot of people after that.

Moral of the story ? There r always worse scenario's than our very own ! I try to keep this in mind whenever I find myself in such situations.

Singapore Short Stories said...

ya Dutchie, there will always be people who have it worse off than us.

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