Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Nonya Craze

The Chinese drama serial, “Little Nonya’ ended its run on Channel 8 last week. It was the Chinese drama serial with the highest viewership in the past 15 years! The whole of Singapore became ‘nonya-crazy’ after the show started to hit airwaves. There was an increased appreciation of the nonya culture overnight and nonya food and related items were selling like hotcakes everywhere in Singapore.

The show has its fair share of critics too, criticizing the plot of the serial. I fall in neither the supporter nor the critic camp as I have not watched an entire episode before. The longest viewing time I have ever had was about 10 minutes (as I was figuring out what the craze was about the show) before I decided enough was enough and there went my television …… Off.

There was nothing spectacular or dramatic about the show, from what I know. The basic ingredients for the winning formula of a Singapore TV drama is always the same: 1) Great looking artistes as the protagonists or main cast 2) A complicated love story 3) Story set in troubling times: Japanese Occupation 4) Some bad crook devising all sorts of morbid acts and nonsense 5) one strong, kind beautiful female cast who went through all forms of hardships 6) Intense publicity arsenal and the last but most important thing is by dint of LUCK! (hope the viewers would love the show!)

Till today I do not know what the craze is about Little Nonya. You may have reminded me that I do not know as I have not followed the drama at all. Well, I would be crazy to follow Little Nonya as it is really a waste of time to watch it (for me). Not to say I do not watch drama serials, but I only support Hong Kong and Korean drama serials and why? The answer: Singapore drama plot is just so predictable…

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