Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ugly Singaporean

Singapore may be a first world society but that does not exempt it from socially ungracious acts from its citizens. Occasionally, one may see some ‘ugly’ Singaporeans (or social bullies) here and there sporadically, and I hope this number of such Singaporeans is indeed dwindling.

This morning, I witnessed an act by one of the Singaporeans who fall in the ‘ugly Singaporeans’ quarter. As usual, I joined the long queue of Singaporeans lining up for the free TODAY newspapers, ritually. Suddenly, an old, rude and uncouth lady went up to the vendor whose hands were full and busy distributing the free dailies. She fished out a copy of the papers and walked away nonchalantly and quickly, much to the chagrin and anger of the vendor as certainly, it was an unfair act to all those Singaporeans lining up for the dailies. The vendor chastised her and the old lady was adamant and cursed even violently and vehemently at the vendor as she made her way to the MRT station. One could not but feel that it was indeed an unlucky day for the vendor, more so the vendor himself.

I could not really imagine the mindset of the old bully. Nevertheless, one must accept man are different, else the world would be an utopia.

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