Monday, May 26, 2008

The Power of Habits

A father who is mired in gambling ends up with huge gambling debts with the loan sharks. He begs his family members for money to save him from being hacked and promised them it would be the last that he would gamble. His family, fearing his safety, loans him the money, only to find themselves in a vicious cycle again, whereby the father again begs them for more money to finance his ceaseless debts. The family, cash-strapped by his father’s endless gambling debts, seeks loans from their friends, and end up in a bottomless pit themselves, owning their friends a huge amount of money and straining to a certain extent their friendship.

Such is the evil of gambling, whereby families are torn apart. Gamblers are often oblivious of the tremendous stress and burden they bring to their families and steep further and further into their routines; gambling, drinking, drug abuse often tear up families, the basic units of societies.

Fundamentally, gambling, drinking and drug abuse are habits, no doubt, extremely insidious ones if indulged in excess. The scenario mentioned in the preceding paragraph mentioned the power and tremendous effect of bad habits.

On the opposite side of the coin, if one is to adopt good habits and work at them diligently, one day he would succeed in his undertakings and in a significant manner.

Man are creatures of habits and habits come from the mind. It is thus important to work on developing an enlightened mind, cultivating good habits and demeanour everyday and improve ourselves in all aspects of life.

Yes in life, the race for success is not always fair and just. Some are born with a golden spoon in their mouth, some rise in organizations due to their connection and some appellations they have been given prior to joining the organizations. However the power of habits would be immense that in the long run, it would render the cultivator significant edge that would parallel or even surpass those who thought they are superior to the cultivators initially, provided one work at cultivation of the habits diligently. And even if one does not get what one ultimately wants from his diligent cultivation of his mind, body and soul, he would still be better off than if he were not to do so!

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