Sunday, May 18, 2008

Health checks

Recently, my friend found out that he has contracted diabetes during a health check. In fact, I knew of a few colleagues who discovered they have contracted some illness or other (some at a fatal stage) via health checks too.

The importance of doing a health check may not have really sunk into the masses. Doing a regular health check can help detect diseases or illness that one have which he is not aware of, and treat it at the root. However to many, health checks are not really necessary and they need to pay for these checks too.

And I also know of my friends who refuse to go for health screenings even if these are provided at no cost as they do not want to know of any possible bad news.

Singaporeans shall exercise regularly and restrict their intake of junk food. I am guilty to announce that I wolfed down two sweet desserts today and I regretted my act.

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