Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Force of Nature

In the finale of World War II, the US dropped two atomic bombs over Japan, killing thousands and inflicting the later generations with deadly radioactive ailments. The world, for the first time, witnessed the power of the splitting of an atom.

Since then, no inventions had yet match or surpass the tremendous effect of the atomic bomb as the world is spare hitherto, from the use of nuclear bomb in conflicts.

However, the impact of natural calamities can be thousands of times that of the atomic bomb and regrettably, the world has experienced some of these mega shocks.

The Sichuan quake China has experienced just few days ago, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale was of a force equivalent to that of 240 atomic bombs! Perhaps, the greatest force that the earth had felt was during the Indonesian earthquake in year 2004, measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale that triggered huge tsunamis that killed even more; that impact was equivalent to 10,000 atomic bombs and scientists had reported at that time that the earth practically shook!

Yes, there is still a potential natural calamity with an even greater impact to be reckoned: the release of energy equivalent to a collision with a comet or asteroid!

Sited in the Yellowstone National Park in the US was a supervolcano, which the scientists had predicted was overdue for an eruption. Once erupted, the impact would most probably caused a nuclear winter, plunging the earth down to freezing temperatures, and killing thousands or even millions.

Man’s doomsday may be caused by phenomenal natural calamities such as supervolcanoes thus man’s time on earth may be dwindling…….. instead of making full use of our limited time on earth, man is still fighting with each other via the many political conflicts, terrorisms, etc …… its regrettable but inevident.

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