Thursday, May 01, 2008


Do not underestimate the impact of your managers on your life.

With many being employees spending large chunks of their life working, it is a definite and golden truth that the quality of work life parallels that of one’s personal life.

And the quality of one’s work life is shaped largely by and impacted upon by the managers one have; therein lays the importance and impact of managers on your life.

If one has a stifling and irritating boss, one returns home at the end of the day, troubled, beset and irritated by the whole affairs of the office. The bad experiences, frustrations one has with his managers are carried back home and in all likelihood translate to frustrations, anger or apathy towards one’s parents, spouse, sibling or children.

It is paramount that managers have good management skills, and it is even more critical that they are there, in the manager’s seat because of competence and not because of seniority or because ‘he is a scholar, so he is good’ kind of mentality the senior management has.

If there are indeed deep chasms in the relationships of a person with his manager and the differences cannot be resolved, it may be time to consider other green pastures.

A book I read states this veritable fact: if one is under a manager whose abilities are not better than his, either the employee leaves or he builds up an ‘opposition camp’.

And for me, I choose the former option.

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