Saturday, September 08, 2007

Man vs Nature

The efforts against the Mozzie epidemic seems to pay off with declining cases in the past seven weeks or so........

The recent supercluster to hit headlines after Pasir Ris is Bukit Batok. Though the dengue infection cases seem to taper off, dengue claimed the 6th life early this week.

It is a sad and sober thought that such seeming small and innocuos creatue can claim the life of a living being million times the size of it.

Though man is the intelligent animal species, man is not invincible. Man cannot fight the forces of nature, the forces of infection..... when man faces threat, he invents counter-threat, and with such counter-threats, side effects happen.

In his bid to create a better life for himself, man builds and clear the land...... pollution problems now abound and threatens the whole world.

Man cannot also tame nature. The crocodile hunter, Stephen Robert Irwin, in his bid to tame wild lives has shown the world that wild life can be tame. But it is a sad irony that in the end, it he passed on in 2006 after being fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray barb, a creature which does not usually attacks human unless provoked, showing to the world that usually harmless animals can be wild.

(no disrespect to Stephen Irwin, but this is the irony of life I feel)

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