Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Labour Day

Today is Labour Day, a day which I can spend some time at home resting. I woke up at about 10 am today which is quite late according to my waking-up-standards.

Many of my colleagues and I think a lot of working people in Singapore would have taken long leaves in line with Labour Day Public Holiday and Vesak Day off-in-lieu for a breather in overseas countries.

I still recall when I was serving in the Army during National Service, I spent all my Labour Days doing Guard Duty. Life during National Service was terrible as the officers and sergeants were not good commanders. But at the very least, some years ago, Labour Day was the day when I took my girlfriend then (now my wife) to our first ever outing to Pasir Ris Beach.

Fast forwards to the present, I am now an aged man, with far more wrinkles and lines on my face, hair balding and thinning. Time really passes. I always believe in making the Best use of time and avoiding distractions like TVs, Shopping Centres and other non-essential internet activities.

Have a Good Labour Day!

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