Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Living in Singapore

Living in this modern country called Singapore where money weighs heavily on the minds of many Singaporeans due to the high cost of living, where there are close to 80,000 people having a net-worth of US $1 million, it can indeed be very stressful living on this tiny island.
Everyday at work, though I try not to think about it, inevitably,  people much richer than I tend to behave in a way that is a bit or should I say quite arrogant. I believe the situation that I am experiencing is not unique. As the rich in Singapore gets richer and the poor in Singapore still need social assistance to be on a more comfortable social footing, I find the rich-poor divide getting larger and larger.
I certainly hope that this rich-poor divide will not translate to arrogant attitude of the riches like what I find myself having to face with (some of them) everyday at work.
Also, there is just so much IT, cloud-computing and internet devices and gadgets moving around in our country that almost all of us seem plugged in to digital life.
 Last time, Singaporeans used to prize very much on the destination part of life in the material sense: the 5Cs, nowadays many young Singapore seem to enjoy very much the process of their life: getting onto Facebook, enjoying the different applets on i-phones.
I find all these obsession with Facebook, i-phones unhealthy.The only IT indulgence I have is blogging for which I enjoy and from which, I obtain solace from a increasingly stressed society.

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