Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dreaming about school days

These few nights, I have been dreaming about school. I reckon it must be due to the fact that I “spring clean” my university notes while carrying out spring cleaning some days ago. As I looked at the volumes after volumes of lecture notes and tutorial notes and recalled the amount of time spent on them, I am a bit disappointed as all that was learnt during university is not really applicable to what I am doing now in my career.
All the hard work and time spent on studying seems to me just to get a degree. On the professional front, I believe luck in career is very important. Despites being hardworking and talented, I kind of lose out to mediocre or even “no good” colleagues who rise up the career ladder fast through their office politics and “curry favouring” of their bosses.
You may be thinking that I am jealous or envious that I write the above few sentences. No it is true. As I have learnt during my years in career, this is the REALITY of Life. Not all the people at the top are the smartest and the Best. Some are really good while others are just plain lucky.

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