Sunday, January 09, 2011

1st week of the New Year 2011 has passed

The first week of a brand new year 2011 has passed. I still recall one week earlier, the whole world is ushering in a brand new year. Time really flies! Today, I asked about a young cousin whom I last seen as a toddler but I was surprised to learn that he is now in Primary School! So it was some tens of years that I have last seen him!

Time really flies and I am getting older as well. Today, I bumped into a ex-JC friend, our eyes met but we did not speak to each other after having not seen others for tens of years. We were not close during schooling then, and hence it seemed awkward that we would to speak tens of years later. Hence we walked passed away each other.

From my experience, as one gets older, it is harder to have good lasting friends. As time passes, everyone is busy with his or her endeavours or activities, hence friendship will wane after sometimes unless one meet very often. To me, it is okay not to have too many friends because I do not have time for them as well. I do not have time to sit around talking with them, time is too much of essence to me, to achieve my goals in this fast paced society.

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