Thursday, November 12, 2009

Singapore Pirated DVD Sellers

This evening, I was in a precinct in Tampines new town, running my errands, where I passed a vendor of pirated DVDs, hawking his store on two well set up wooden tables, plying his trade.
A number of heartlanders were drawn to his makeshift stall as the vendor in a solid voice, loudly promoted his DVDs, I took a quick glance and saw that there were DVDs of new movie releases, selling cheaply, for example, Jack Neo "Where got ghosts" DVD was sold at $5 each. I walked off to a shop soon after quicking a quick glance.
After I have settled my errands, I passed the location where the vendor was previously, this time round, his stall has two customers he did not want, two policemen have raided his stall, preparing to handcuff him, after which they stacked the DVDs into neat piles.
By this time, a large crowd of heartlanders have formed around the stall watching the fate of the vendor. I took a look at the vendor, his face showed sign of resignation to being caught as he sat on the ground handcuffed. Circumstances must have driven him to illegal hawking of pirated DVDs, however no matter how hard times are and how much desperate one is for money, one should not resort to crimes.
Anyway, it is really hard to find a job during these times, in the aftermath of a global economic meltdown. Many jobs were lost and though the economy has recovered, there must surely exist a number of people who still could not land a job. Without a job and an income and the stress can be quite overwhelming!
I always believe one should use his brain and hands to earn a living. The idea of begging and committing crime to earn monies should never be entertained.

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