Friday, August 07, 2009

The Epoch Times

Every Wednesday, upon my return from work, I will see two people, either women or children distributing the free newspapers called "The Epoch Times".

Many Singaporeans pass them, without taking these dailies, however as an avid reader, I take both the English and Chinese versions of the papers always.

If you were to ask around, many people do not really know what is the agenda of the newspapers. Why are the papers free and what is the agenda of the paper? Why are there women and children devoting their time to distribute these papers?

Well, if I were to get it correct, from what I have read in the newspapers, the papers present news and commentary about China in another perspective: perspective that is not really aligned to what the mainstream papers in China would report.

Some people I heard even thought the papers were related to some Chinese cults! Well actually "The Epoch Times" is actually sold for a fee at many newspapers stand too; for me, I just think the perspectives contained in the papers are not really conventional, however I believe when we read something, the onus is for us to be discerning, to know what are the viewpoints of the articles and do we read gel with our values and beliefs? This is more important.

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