Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keep Left Rule by Singapore MRT

Since the inception of the 'Keep Left rule' (a rule which encourages passengers to keep to the left while using the escalators) by the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) corporation, there is little success: many Singaporeans are still keeping to both or either sides of the escalator, oblivious to the rules which encourages them to keep left.
In Hong Kong and other regional countries, it is the 'Keep Right rule' as passengers are encouraged to keep to the right while using the escalators. The rule seems to be kicking at least in Hong Kong when I was there last week as it seems second nature for the Hong Kong passengers to follow the rule.
I muse over why Singapore's 'Keep Left Rule' does not achieve the same success evident in other countries and I came to a conclusion: most human are right-handed and hence more people (the right-handed) are more attuned to turning or keeping to the right rather than the left.
A high time to change the rule?

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