Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hotcakes, Happy Meal

I still remember those McDonald TV commercials broadcasted in the earlier years which showed young children happily enjoying their McDonald Big Breakfast, culminating in their cheers: "Hot cakes, Happy Meal".

Just look at the picture of McDonald's Big Breakfast: with hot and warm omelette, chicken bacon, harsh brown, buns and a cup of hot coffee, this is the Great way to start a busy workday.

However, the price of McDonald's Big Breakfast has indeed increased from the yesteryears, now the price is $5.85. Price increases are expected with inflation and rising standards of living.

But I seldom eat McDonald's Big Breakfast because I do not belong to the 666,660 (and increasing) Singaporeans with a net worth of US $1 million, excluding the valuation of their housing. For me, what I earn is just some PEANUTS and I can only eat some slices ordinary bread plus some jam for my daily breakfast.

Sound pathetic? But is true, because if one earns so little money like me, the only thing is to curb expenditure.


Dutchie said...

I actually love McDonalds but we seldom eat there bec a burger, a drink n some fries could equate to a same amount spend on bread, ham n crunchy lettuce for a week's worth of lunch !

Our local chain is called Febo but their burgers r not just as nice. Still, they r charging the same prices as McD's !

Singapore Short Stories said...

Oh I see Dutchie!

But think Westerners eat more beef and meat as staple right?

Dutchie said...

Beef is a luxury in the EU ! I had the misconception that they were in abundance n cheaper than SG. Wrong, wrong, wrong *sad*

I joined the majority in hunting down discount goods n meats bec prices here r quite high. I stocked up on chicken n pork. They cost abt € 4,00/kg. That is close to S$ 8,00.

If u order a meat dish in a chinese restaurant, it cost easily
€ 12,00 to € 18,00 a plate.

SG is hence, a food heaven for us when we visit the family there :-)

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