Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Death of Singa, our courtesy lion mascot

Just two days ago, a group of students in the Singapore Management University put together a wake with a coffin and laying inside the coffin was none other than Singa, our courtesy lion.
The students have wanted to send a shocking message to Singaporeans, warning them on the declining courtesy standards of Singaporeans. This prompted the Chairman of the Singapore Kindness Movement, Mr Koh Poh Tiong to express surprise and shock on this publicity blitz. He was quick to clarify that Singaporeans are still courteous and kind, just that they are less adpt to express it.
Personally, I find the publicity blitz creative though it is an insult to put a lion into the coffin, though it is a courtesy lion.....for the lion symbolises Singapore and to put a symbol of Singapore into coffin is a foolish thing.

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Anonymous said...

what do you expect from stupid SMU students?

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