Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

My Dear gave me a surprise when she called me an hour ago, only to tell me that she has left office and was at the void deck of my flat!
I was extremely surprised that my Dear was just downstairs (in Singapore parlance), I know she would be giving me a Valentine Day gift, but it was beyond my guess that she would come all the way from office to my house just to pass me the Valentine Day present! I had a quick change of clothes and came rushing down to the void deck!
It is very sweet of her! She has requested me to open the present at 12 am, 14 Feb 09 (i.e at the stroke of midnight), when it is exactly the start of Valentine's Day!
I am very excited after hearing her request and I wonder what would be inside the present. I am very touched of my Dear's effort and I know she has personally creates the gift in the box.
In less than 2 hours, I will know exactly what will be the mysterious contents in the box are!
I feel 'paiseh' (embarrased) for I am an unromantic guy. It should be the guy who does such romantic things for ladies during Valentine's Day. I am born unromantic but I will plan the Best romantic Valentine Day for my Dear tomorrow.. hehe.. the plan for our Big Day tomorrow has been planned!
I wish All readers a Happy Valentine's Day! To the married couples, it is a day to reaffirm your love for each other! To the dating couples, it is a day to celebrate your love for each other! To the singles, it is friendship's day and a day where one may find potential partners over some social functions!
Happy Valentine's Day once again!
(P.S: A secret: This is my first time celebrating Valentine's Day though I am already very old already!, Don't laugh! This Valentine's Day will be the Best as I would be celebrating with a girl who I have 101% chemistry and love with!)

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eastcoastlife said...

awww... how sweet! How romantic and loving your Dear is!

I'm happy for you and look forward to reading your celebration. ;)

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