Tuesday, September 02, 2008

F1 car

This is a real F1 car which I captured at Orchard Road today.
3 weeks later, Singaporeans would be able to see the F1 cars vrooming down our streets!

Another traffic accident

Another traffic accident occured in Singapore yesterday, on the heels of a series of traffic accidents for the past two weeks.

This time round, a 16-yr old student, Ken Howe drove his brother's car without a driving licence (not his first) and his car crashed against a tree, killing him instantly!

Luckily no other pedestrians were killed too.

While I expressed my sympathy to the loss of a young life, I could not agree with a person who does not have a qualified driving licence driving a car. What happened if it is not Ken How who got killed but a few others through his unqualified driving?

On a separate note, I find that the traffic police's requirement to have new drivers displaying a 'P' plate throughout the one year of them getting their licence is not fool-proof: not all new drivers would buy a car to drive immediately after getting their licences. Some new drivers may only drive 5 years after getting their licences, thus is it fair to road users that he need not display a 'P' plate though his skills can still be very fresh as those who drive within one year after getting their licences?

A question to ponder about.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Eunos Hawker Centre

Eunos Hawker Centre cum wet market besides Eunos MRT station is such a food haven! My Honey and I gulped down two bowls of what is believed to be the Best Chendol in Singapore at just $1 per bowl! (sold from Gek Yong Hot and Cold Drinks Stall)

The lor mee is another delicacy not to be missed though it was a pity on our last visit, one stall had closed for the day, while at another, it was sold out.

The Roti John sold at this hawker centre also deserved 5 full thumbs-up. At $2 and of such high quality, this offering is undeniably one of Singapore’s Best Roti Johns!

RSAF Open House 2008

My Honey and I braved the early morning sun as we made our way to the RSAF Open House at Paya Lebar air base yesterday.

Yesterday was the last of the two-day event and by 0945 hours, throngs of crowds had formed at Eunos Bus Interchange where scores of free shuttle buses ferried visitors to the venue at regular intervals.

It was a quite a wait to board the buses but luckily not an overtly long one. When we arrived at the airbase, another wait greeted the visitors. Rows of queues had formed up as we arrived at the venue. Halfway through the queue, we realized that the queues were not meant for entering the exhibition grounds, they were for screening purposes. The merciless blaze of the red-hot sun exacerbated the long wait and brollies went up by the dozens as shields against the sun. It paid to be armed with brollies and water bottles for such long waiting under the sun. Shrieks and screams of young children during the wait only increased the ire of what seemed to be an incessant wait.

But the wait was worth the time. The organizing committee paid 100% attention to security in this post-911 era to ensure a safe visit for all!

Displayed on the vast exhibition ground was a raft of military helicopters, airplanes and other military weaponry. Visitors flocked to strike a pose with the exhibits and be captured on film or video, or tour the interior of the giant aircrafts.

Soon, the sky darkened and the sky pelted with a short dose of shower. After the rain, all was well and the weather grew even conducive.

The RSAF Open House held every year is a showcase of our country’s air force prowess. It makes for a good family gathering as Singaporeans learn that defence is not something taken for granted.

COMEX 2008

Suntec City Convention Hall was a sea of people yesterday as visitors packed the halls from level 1 to 6 to their brims. Singapore’s largest computer and IT fair, COMEX was held yesterday and the day before at Suntec City, drawing crowds by the thousands.

There was hardly any berth for elbow room amidst the sea of crowd at each of these halls. My Honey and I, like others, navigated our way with much effort and gusto to get to the stalls of our interest. We were greeted with faces north, south, east and west of us, amidst the cacophony of vendors broadcasting their offers!

The sales was great, the experience tiring; that is the trademark of major exhibition fairs in Singapore, especially for computers where Singapores go near crazy over.

Nike's 10 K Human Race

The incredible human crowd at City Hall yesterday was in part attributed by visitors flocking to COMEX, on the other hand, since 1430 hrs yesterday, the crowd was also made up of an increasing number of joggers heading towards the starting point of the Nike’s 10K Human Race, first ever in Singapore.

The name of the race sounds real impressing but it is a well-qualifed one as the Singapore’s race is held in tandem, simultaneously with the Nike’s 10K races in other countries.

By the time I learnt of this race, its closing date was already over else I could be one of the 10,000 joggers experiencing a surge of adrenalin in this fun event.

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