Thursday, June 20, 2013

Singapore Haze PSI hit 371 on 20 June 2013

Singapore's haze PSI hit 370 10pm on 19 June 2013 and at 1pm today, our PSI hit 371! I really believe this super-high PSI is really incredible but this is the truth! Even inside my house with my door and windows closed, I can still smell the choking burning smell. Many netizens question whether the NEA's PSI reading is accurate as the PSI reading does not seem to correspond with what netizens observe. Meanwhile, NEA's CEO Andrew is leading a team of delegates for talks in Indonesia to pressurize the Indonesian government to take concrete steps to tackle the haze. While Singaporeans are annoyed at the haze, a Indonesian Minister called the Singapore's response as "child-like", I really loathe the comments of this Indonesian Minister!

Being conscious of my own health, I put on my face mask this morning when going for work; this is the first time I wore my face mask since the haze started as the haze is really beyond my wildest imagination. The face mask I wore is simple and I headed to a pharmacy shop to purchase N95 masks but it was all sold out. I went to another pharmacy store but again the N95 masks were sold out. To me, I feel the N95 masks superior than simple face masks as the cover is better and the mask is tighter.

It disappoints me to see many Singaporeans including children not wearing face masks when they are outside. Don't they know that they are breathing in very minute particles which when breathed in could not be expelled from their lungs? PM 2.5 particles are even more dangerous! Luckily, I could manage to get some N95 face masks from my colleagues to use. N95 face mask though may not deter completely the inhalation of fine particles is still better to use than no protective equipment to use at all!

This haze episode is really a reality check for Singapore that it is ultimately a tiny island though it is superior economically than its neighbours. I hope NEA will bring Yoga Dirga Cahya to the negotiation tables as Yoga is a NEA officer, an Indonesia cum an Indonesian-MP-aspirant. I am not sure whether this haze can at least bring down the number of dengue mosquitoes here or will it worsen the current dengue situation now that the number of NEA officers doing dengue checks may be reined in due to the haze?But I think the incoming NEA's CEO Ronnie Tay is definitely taking on a hot seat.

PSI readings in Singapore here are taken and reported retrospectively. If we see a bad PSI reading and take action, it can already be very bad to our health already. Hence I encourage all Singaporeans to wear facemasks (provided that they have). Ministry of Health should quickly dispatch free N95 facemasks (hope that they have a stockpile in place) to all Singaporeans!

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