Sunday, December 02, 2012

PA website hacked

A day after he witnessed the destruction of Hougang ballot papers at an incineration plant in Singapore, Chief Executive Director of PA (People’s Association) Mr Yam Ah Mee, found his PA website ( hacked, reportedly by Brazilian hackers!

The PA website was down even at this time of writing. The websites of 4 CDCs linked to PA were also down and only the Central CDC’s website is still up and running.

I wonder why the Brazilian hackers hack PA’s website and I do not think in any way, PA has offended these hackers. In fact, PA has also encouraged a popular dance among Singaporeans (especially our ladies) here called Zumba which is a dance from South America, a continent Brazil is in. Anyway, I think hackers do not need any reason to hack someone’s website.

The hacking of the PA website comes on the same day the ruling party of Singapore, PAP elected its Central Executive Committee (CEC). The Secretary-General of PAP is Mr Lee Hsien Loong who is Singapore’s Prime Minister. Mr Lee is also Chairman of PA. I am not sure whether the date of hacking is chosen to match the date of the PAP CEC election or whether it is just a coincidence. I think it may be a coincidence as the website of Prime Minister Office’s was not hacked.

Also, the hacking of the PA website comes on the day when some China-born bus drivers of SMRT were sent back to China. The hacking of the website also came on the heels of the arrest of 5 China-born SMRT bus drivers for starting the “illegal strike” of SMRT bus service last Monday. This may be another coincidence.

Singapore companies have also be quite peaceful-loving and not confrontational but these days I see more foreigners are sort of harassing our companies. First we have private listed company, Olam International being issued a damning report by Muddy Waters, now we have a government statutory board (People’s Association) having its website hacked.

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