Monday, October 08, 2012

Amy Cheong , NTUC Assistant Director Facebook remark

Today, everyone is talking about Amy Cheong. Not Amy Yip of Hong Kong but Amy Cheong. Amy Cheong who was (I do not use “is” as she has just been sacked today) a high-flying Assistant Director of NTUC’s membership division.

To cut the whole story short, Amy Cheong posted an offensive post on her Facebook profile, only to apologize for the posting later on, but the damage to the whole community was done as was the damage to her: NTUC management moved swiftly to sack her for her offensive remarks. A police report has also been lodged by the Chairman of the Inter-Racial and Religious Community Circle Committee in Hougang Ward. Coincidentally, the grassroots advisor to Hougang Ward is Desmond Choo who is from the NTUC too. And close to evening today, DPM Tharman said it was a good thing of NTUC to sack Amy Cheong from NTUC.

With all this news over Amy Cheong, I searched for what exactly Amy Cheong wrote in her Facebook post on the internet. After I have seen what Amy Cheong has posted that became the talk of the town, I am very disappointed that a high flying member of NTUC who works so closely with the government and the community could post such a remark and so openly!

I really think that her offensive Facebook posting warrants a police investigation though I should not go that far to say that Amy Cheong deserve to be jailed for her remarks.

On the other hand, I think Amy Cheong might have been infuriated and lost her cool which led her to post such comments. As NTUC searches for a successor for Lim Swee Say after its No. 2 man (Ong Ye Kung) left for private sector (which I think is to take up the helm of Capitaland after Liew Mun Leong’s retirement), NTUC is rocked by Amy Cheong’s incident. I hope some members of Parliament will bring up this case for discussion when parliament next sits.  

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